Book Gifts 2019

Books are some of my favorite, most versatile gifts to give! They work well for the young and the old, men and women and can serve as great conversation starters. I get excited when I see community book exchange boxes too. I’m not sure where they started but I love the idea of passing along a book I enjoyed to a stranger in my community! These books were all in stock and still available for delivery by Christmas as I’m typing this! So hurry up, take a peak and maybe you can give the gift of reading to someone special on your list this year!
Xx, Heather
This book is packed with inspirational stories of strong women! She need to live in the south or be a southerner to appreciate this book!
Southern Women
Still my favorite in her series of cookbooks!
The Skinnytaste Cookbook
This is a great gift for the entertainer! It has 45 recipes covering a years worth of holidays!
Gather Around Cocktails
A journal for couples to record their bucket list adventures together!
Our Bucket List Adventures
For all the inspiration…
Heart Talk by Cleo Wade
If you read Bad Blood and enjoyed it, this is another good one! The tale of Uber…
Super Pumped the Battle for Uber Book
Once you start reading this, you won’t stop! It’s a powerful memoir of a young doctor and former college athlete diagnosed with a rare disease who spearheaded the search for a cure.
Chasing My Cure
If you liked David Epstein’s The Sports Gene, this is his latest!
For your adventure lover…or just for the coffee table!
The Bucket List
Astrology fun! There’s one written for each sign…and if the one you need is in stock, snag it!
Seeing Stars Books, by Stella Andromeda
Aquarius / Pisces / Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer
Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius / Capricorn
The latest in the adorable Crayons series…
The Crayons’ Christmas
This book will have little ones giggling from the bottom of their toes!
The Serious Goose
Cutest collection of snowmen books! Snowmen at Night, Christmas, Work and All Year!
Snowmen Galore
The latest release in the Dog Man Series…
The latest Diary of a Wimpy Kid…
Wrecking Ball
This is a stretch for a “book” but what silly, little, comedian doesn’t love them?
Mad Libs