Thirsty Thursday

This might be a different type of “Thirsty Thursday” than typically comes to mind but I promise, it’s worth it! In February I was away for a girls weekend and treated myself to a facial. My skin is sensitive and in the winter it always needs a little extra TLC. By the end my face was smooth, hydrated and buttery soft. I asked about the skincare line she used and was introduced to Farmhouse Fresh! I grabbed their One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish to try at home and after using it for a week, I was hooked. I also wished I’d bought the Agave Nectar Ageless Body Oil that I’m featuring on the blog today. I eventually picked it up at one of my favorite, local shops, Swagger, and my skin is loving it! I use it right after the shower and my skin soaks it up and is left with the slightest sheen.

These are the next FHF products on my “wish list”:
FHF Three Milk Ageless Moisturizer
FHF Green Tea Milk Wash
FHF Sundae Best Mask
FHF Crow Catcher Eye Perfecting Serum
FHF Coconut Beach Hydrating Lip Balm